Not a beach person? Are you a boater or fisher person? Have you looked around and been told it's better in Orange Beach, Al. than in Gulf Shores, Al.? You haven't been given the whole story. What we recommend is that you listen only to yourself before listening to others. Maybe it's not for you. But, did you find out for yourself?

Okay, let's get down to it...Sunset Bay at Bon Secour is a Waterfront,  Gated, Creole Development. Each home/lot has a boat slip.  Sunset Bay at Bon Secour has  the most amazing Yacht Club nestled in old historic Plash Island. has been called the "boonies."  And, let me share something else with you.... Ono Island, when my mom was the 12th owner, it was called the "boonies." Bet you didn't know that because today, it's "the address." Even if you aren't on the water and you say, "I live" on Ono Island, everyone will assume you are on the water in a luxurious  place. So funny, for those of us who really knew Ono, back in the day.

What am I alluding to?  SSB will be the "address." What is keeping it from being that today?  Owners who allow other agents who don't like it at SSB to talk them into listing (not marketing) their property so low that, even then it doesn't sell. Why? Because when a property of quality as SSB is listed so low, folks want to know what is wrong. What's wrong is that those owners believe this "agent" who just wants a listing.   Also, our gates are closed 24/7 and no signs are allowed on the property. How would you, the public, know anything is for sale?  You like the freedom of driving and looking and then you will call, at random, some agent who has asked her relatives to "rave" reviews  about them on Zillow" and that's who you call or you don't call at all. Why would you? There are no signs and the gates are closed.  Oh, yeah, I forgot one more thing, we are NOT on the beaten path, so you probably don't know we exist. Not your fault, it's the fault of an agent you found on Zillow and they take you to Orange Beach. After all, the "rich people" live in Orange Beach. 

Well, believe what you will.. Here's what we do know. You are always wanting the best price for a quality product. Right?So why wouldn't you check out Sunset Bay at Bon Secour?