Art Linkletter had a show years ago that was called, "Kids say the darnest things". It was hilarious! Well, after experiencing my own grandchildren they do keep you smiling with the things they say and do. When our grandson  was about 6 years old, I had taken him to get ice cream.  An older  heavy set lady walked up behind us and he turned around, looked her up and down, and with the cutest smile on his face, said: " Well you are the cutest thing, I could eat you up like a chicken bone." Omg, I was so concerned she could be offended, but, before I could apologize...this lady roared with laughter.  She said, "young man I want to know you when you grow up". When he was younger, maybe around 4 yrs. I had taken him with me on an appointment. This one appointment was with a politician and his wife. We were talking and without warning, he jumped into the conversation, looked up at her and said: "well, helllllllooooooo georgous!" And, he never stops.. At one point in his life, he always wanted to marry someone, anyone.  One day he came home from school and told his dad "I don't want to get married anymore, dad". His dad had to hold back the laughter, but with a serious voice responded, "Ah, why have you changed  your mind, son?" He responded, "well, they (meaning girls)want everything, your jacket, jewelry, and your milk."  Again, he went to his dad and told him, "dad, I'm worried about grandpa." His dad asked him why he was worried about his grandfather? "well, dad, he just wants to shop at Walmart all the time, and girls are the only ones who want to shop at Walmart." His dad assured him that there was nothing to worry about grandpa, he really loves their grandmother. Smile