The stories that get passed around my immediate family (by immediate, I mean, my daughter and her family) seem to be my actions over the years.  So, I'll tell on myself.  That in itself shows that I've accepted the fact that i provide laughter by my actions, even for my grandchildren. They say, Oh, YaiYai has done it again.

It was mother's day and I decided to visit mom in Gulf Shores with a present. Before, going, my little Cresida needed a car wash. It was a great mother's day and I kept the sunroof open. Listening to music and dreaming of far away places, I proceeded to drive thru the car wash at the service station. Not remembering what i was to encounter, there was  beep as I entered with gorganious brushes comeing on top of my head.  Yep, water, and the beeping sound that was suppose to alert me to close the sunroof.  Too late. I sat in a pool of soapy soap and finally managed to close the opening.   As I walked back into my own home to change, I remember Tom saying, honey, I didn't realize that you could sweat that much. Ugh

Another momentus moment. Shoulder pads were the craze and of course I was a single mom raising my daughter. There were limited funds, especially when it came to keeping up with the trends. Well, in my infamous wisedom, it seemed simple. I would go to the fabric store and buy shoulder pads that could be sown into your clothes. But, since I can't sew on a button, much less sew a shoulder pad into my blouses, I decided to wrap them around my bra strap. Got it. How brillant. On my way. Blouses that were normal now became a work of art and I was trending, as they say.   Came the day to show off my talents, it was in the summer time and it was so hot/humid. But, I was dressed very professionally and very trendy because I was working with a new client and wanted to be viewed as dressing for success. As the day moved along with showing various properties I began to feel a little lopsided. However, don't focus on me, I told myself,  focus on your client and their needs. I began to see a strange look from my client but, thought it was somethng I'd said.  I suppose my client just couldn't resist any longer, finally she said, "dear, there is something on your back."  I jumped and did a little dance, thinking it was a bug. However, after my ritual dance, out fell the shoulder pad. It has disloged from my shoulder, traveled to my back (looking like the Hunch Back of Notredame) and landed at my feet. 

But, I think the topper for me with keeping up with the trends were the years of the long fake nails. True stories. They were so long, (how long were they Shirlee?) I'd go to close the door of my car and my nail would get caught in the door hinge.  Or , in those days, I smoked. We were at a very elegant wedding reception and a gentleman offered to light my cigarette. My nails were so long, he lit my nail instead and it went up in smoke. No more smoking.  No more long fake nails.