Jean (Imogene Bennett Mitchell) was a self- made businesswoman. No matter what she did in life; you could never say she was "average". She raised two children by herself while working as a dispatcher for Yellow Cab in order to put herself through cosmetology school. While working as a Manager for Gayfers Beauty Salon in Pensacola, she found a home on Perdido overlooking Ole River. Across the River was a huge Island, known as Ono Island. That's where she wanted to build a home. Everyone, including her husband thought she was "off her rocker". Then, it was known as the "Boonies" in early 1979. They became the twelfth home owner on Ono Island. Of course, today it's considered "the" place to live.

Jean was a visionary. She also had a heart of gold. If you were down and out and needed money, you could go to Jean and somehow she would find a way to help you. Jean had two children, Jim Mitchell and Shirlee Mitchell. She always said, she had a taker and a giver. Shirlee was the giver and Jim (well, he was the taker).

Jean founded Carney Realty, Inc. and was the worker in the family. Al pretty much just followed whatever Jean said, after all, he had come from a good ole Catholic family of twelve kids and maybe that's why he never had kids of his own. No one expected Jean to pass away in 2002 ; that was a tremendous loss for her daughter Shirlee and her granddaughter Dr. Tiffany Veale-Halm. She left behind not only her daughter but her first great granddaughter Sabrina. Jean loved children and if she had lived she would have been so close to Sabrina and Sebastian, Tiffany's children.

Shirlee took over her mom's business and has worked since 2003 to carry On her mother's legacy of hard work and good ethics. It's not easy in a hundred percent tourist market. Folks move to the beach and decide, well, they need to make some money. So, they get a real estate license and work "at real estate". Work ethics are weak in this kind of market. Shirlee has been asked to Franchise her mom's company, however, like her mom, she never believed, in terms of a real estate company, "bigger is not always better". Shirlee doesn't believe in "QUANTY, she believes in "QUALITY". Jean always said in real estate, "don't get greedy and leave something on the table for the next person". Jean was a great role model for her daughter and granddaughter, who along with Shirlee's husband, Tom is running the business. Dr.Tiffany Halm has taken a sabbatical from Chiropractic after twelve years in order to be a virtual associate with the company . Tiffany and Maw Maw ( as she called Jean) were extremely close and she would be so proud of Dr. Tiffany today. We're sure she is putting deals together in Heaven. She would never stop working and making new friends. We love you Mom and Maw Maw and you are always missed. WHAT A WOMAN. WHAT A SENSE OF HUMOR.

She never met a stranger and she would give you her last "penny".

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